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swc100's Journal

Strangers With Candy 100 words
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Hello friend of friends! Welcome to swc100!

This community was created by argyletheme and nerdork because of a combined love of Strangers With Candy and drabbles. Drabbles are fanfiction works that are precisely one hundred words in length. No more, no less. This will not be disputed. (Unless it's only a couple words. We're not drabble nazis here.)

There will be challenges every week. Usually just one word challenges, nothing fancy. But if you happen to write a drabble that has nothing to do with the week's challenge, feel free to post it here. Little care us.

If you post a drabble, please put it under an LJ Cut. Or else there is a chance someone might yell and/or laugh at you. Also, a header for your drabble would be nice. Here is a sample one that you may use:

(If you are not answering a challenge, put "none" in the challenge space.)

If you have any questions or concerns with the community or anything else, feel free to contact argyletheme or nerdork. Have a lovely day and enjoy the community!

tcr_fps: because RPS is all (twisting-of-)fact; no heart.
tds_rps: allow us to retract our previous statement.

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